Space and time for contemporary productions
21:00 Uhr
21:00 Uhr

cuteness won't save you
a dancing solo by Carina Premer

in close collaboration with
Darío Bardam
Katja Cheraneva
Ida Daniel
René Alejandro Huari Mateus
Rahel Kesselring
Anneliese Ostertag
Laura Stellacci
Zrinka Užbinec

We used to listen to this song when it was still dark outside:

And I work and I work all day and night
I wonder if I’m ever gonna get it right
I push and I push to get ahead
I know I gotta make my daily bread
I know I don’t have time to lose
I wonder if I really have time to choose
I barely have time to shed a tear
I hardly have time to shake the fear

And the body says: Remember you gotta breath! […] Take your time to grieve!
The mind says: Let the silence flow! […] Allow yourself to grow!
The spirit says: Cast your eyes above! […] Fill your heart with love!
The heart says: Seek the light within! […] Let the dance begin!
And my mother says to me: Enjoy your life!

– Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Supported by Hessische Theaterakademie (HTA) and the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen.